I want to start dating, but kind of uncomfortable with how promiscuous everyone is?

I've never dated nor had any sexual encounter.

Not because I'm unattractive, the girls that I hung out around in college "seemed" to like me (lol). But I never did anything about it, because I was brought up on more traditional values (I moved to the U. S. when I was 10).

I'm also very picky, and didn't want to waste time with someone that's not ideal. Because you might get hooked, and your perceptions change. It kinda feels like once you start, you're going down a rabbit hole.

So now I'm out of college, and I want to start dating. But I've read in some articles that over 60% of the people in college have had friends with benefits. Probably even more have had sex with a few guys.

Being a complete beginner in this field, it feels like I've already lost out. And that sexual activities are very casual - it's just what most people have already done many times by my age.

So if I start dating, it kind of bothers me to picture that my girlfriend might have had several casual sex friends in the past, and she's still hanging out with them now. But if she doesn't tell you, you'll never know.

Are any of you guys on the same boat, and kind of feel the same way? Should I change my attitude about this if I want to have any hope of dating?


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  • there are some girls out there like you. very rare but they're out there. you probably might just have to get over the fact that everyone's having sex now, especially with more than one person.


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