How to get over a person who doesn't love you back?

I was in love with a girl but she never loved me back. Even 6 months later I still like her but just slowly started getting over.

I tried to do out of sight = out of mind and it helped a lot.
I tried dating other girls but it only helped temporary.

But now she keeps trying to flirt with me even more. For example, in school often comes and asks for basic help. Then texts me how I saved her life and that she owes me coffees/icecreams.

1 reply only... i guess im overreacting
I just officially 'broke up' with her :) Feels great! she offered to be friends but this toxic friendship would've affected my feelings so I also said no.


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  • Don't talk to her anymore. Simple as that!

    • I tried but failed! We attend the same college which is small. After 3 months of ignoring her I couldn't not to say Hi when I sat on computer in the library which was right beside her.

    • How would you do it?

    • Never mind, I did it! :D Thanks honey!

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  • She probably just likes playing with your feelings. Some girls are messed up like that. If she rejected you, but is trying to hardcore flirt with you, she's just out to hurt you. That's not cool. She just wants the attention you give her and that is messed up. You should ditch her for good this time.

    • Thanks Anonymous! I'll leave it as an unsuccessful but interesting romantic experience. She offered to stay friends but I walked away :)

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  • Meet new people! That's great way, just meet new girls approach them in street, care less if you get rejected;)

    Talk with friends, go to nature I know it suxs, I was with girl for about 1 month I've went to fast, she said you're moving too fast, we are not meant to be together, still got feelings for her.