How to make it work through the distance?

I started talking to my friends BFs best friend, he lives about an hour and a half away, he came to a couple of our parties and we really hit it off we talk a lot over text. But recently my friends broke it off with her BF. My guy keeps promising to come down but with our work schedules it hasn't worked out yet... Any ideas to how to make the distance work?

  • Distance is hard but with trust it can work.
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  • Distance will always drive people apart.
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  • i don't think distance works but thankfully he's only an hour away


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  • I've been seeing someone on the opposite side of the planet for the last six months. It's hard. Very hard. But so far, we've been able to make it work.

    • Thank you for you input! I haven't met someone like this guy that I'm so comfortable with and that so easy to be around. I just don't want the distance to get in the way of something that could be great.

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    • I do find myself staying up late even though I have to be awake at 6 in the morning so we can talk when he gets of at midnight. Its rough but as long as we are both equally invested hopefully in the long run if anything gets real serious it will makes a stronger couple because of it.

    • I honestly don't know if she and I will ever even meet in person. I hope and pray that we're able to work it out, but there's been a snag with the internship she had planned. I'm trying to do research on her behalf to see if it can still work out.

      Possibly in violation of my own prior warning about gaps in interaction, she's the first woman I've ever loved. Whether I'm to be part of her future or not, ultimately I just want her to be happy.

      I hope things work out for you and him. Just remember a relationship is a compromise between equals. He should be just as willing as you to work to make it happen.

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  • Distance can work but it's is really hard to

    • I have some trust issues from previous relationships so it'll be hard regardless but he seems like genuine guy, and he seems to really care. It just sucks that it has to begin with distance and we work opposite schedules he work a 2nd shift (4-1am) and I work and 8-5pm