How to deal with this situation?

I've made friends with this girl recently in the last 2 months. We began exchanging messages on Facebook and then through text. Shortly after we began having conversations on the phone which easily brought us over the 2 hour mark most nights - we both expressed interest in talking to each other and had a lot in common. We finally met up and had some lunch at her place (her idea) and had a great time. She was totally psyched after. Her texts and contact got instantly more frequent after the meet up and she was updating me on everything throughout her day. I took this to mean a good sign but stayed cool while still hinting I liked her. We had a long phone conversation a few nights ago and it lasted till the wee morning hours. She was upset that we stayed up so late but it was her fault just as much as it was mine. Anyways things were fairly normal but then her texts got sparse and more sparse - no more updates every couple hours, in fact I was lucky if I got 2 texts a day. This went on for the last few days. My texts usually went unanswered - or at least not answered for several hours at a time or even the next day. I never sent more than 3 texts unanswered and never at any point was there any neediness or worry in them, even though it was tearing me up inside (I get anxiety bad). I finally invited her to an event locally for today and got a positive response but not a confirmation. I sent her a text the following day and didn't get anything back until late late that night saying she was sorry and busy all day. I waited to text back until the following day to answer her question of how I was doing which was "pretty good!". I asked her if she was coming and I got nothing. Next morning I let her know I was on the way there. She failed to call, text, or show. I got a text AFTER the event was over that she was sorry and wants to make it next time. I gave her a quick call and she sounded irritated, said to text her instead. Eight hours, no response. Flaked? Is it over?

Well she's still texting me I guess. I'm gonna cool off and let her chase me awhile. Good idea?


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  • I think it is over, she might have thought of you just as a friend, and when she found out you liked her she ended it. This could be her way of saying it's over.

  • Dude there is such a thing as to much texting her she probably got freaked out as much as you were. And if she doesn't respond beck to you within 24 hours it means "WE ARE OVER"


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