GUYS, help me. I'm getting pissed of by this. What the hell is he doing?

Guy rejected me (liked another girl), you know the story, now many many months later we meet again. I moved on. And he is still acting interested.
He still stares, even if his back is facing me, he will at some point stare. (that's new)
He is overhearing my conversations with people.
He avoid any situation where he have to pass me things, even contacting me. He pass other girls things and contacting them, no problem. Me? Big problem.
He is hanging out with the guys I hang out with (the only thing they got in common is smoking).
I started off by ignoring him and not looking directly at him. I'm so exhausted by this, so now I just don't care if I ignore or look at him.
What the hell is he doing?


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  • Some people only notice what they actually had when it's finally gone. Do not waste your time on someone whose making you as their second option, you don't need him. If he liked the other girl, he needs to pursue her. Similar to my situation, I dealt with a boy just like that. But instead, we were talking as in "talk talk" he wants to be stupid and make a terrible decision to flirt with other girls and did so many disgusting things you can think of, that messed with my repetition so I dropped him. Weeks later he came back saying he's sorry and he stared and did whatever he could to make sure he had my attention back. Don't allow yourself to be someone's second option, they might see you as available because the over interest you shown which makes them assume "hmmmmm, let me just mess around and she'll be near regardless". Don't allow him to assume that, be bigger and better. He isn't worth your time, neither stress yourself about some boy who wasted your time. Have confidence, and don't surround your time to those who shown many reasons why they should walk out of your life. If they found a reason to leave?, allow them to, allowing them back in will not guarantee your heart spared, but will only get you hurt.

    • Some people are just meant to be a lesson not a blessing, try to cope with it and understand it will allow you to grow and become more wiser in the long run.

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  • Ask yourself if you have done any of the above to him and if so he is giving you a taste of your own medicine.


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  • Just keep ignoring him eventually he'll f off

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