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Im 28 years old and i am thinking about dating a 17 year old girl... Even though she's younger than what i normally go for (26/20) she's very mature and every thing i look for in a woman. And she's amazingly hot and cute our personalities match and we have a lot of fun... But im just not sure even though its legal in the uk... Hheellppp please...

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U guys obviously dont read lol in the uk its legal to date 16 year olds at the youngest and marry at 17 so remember that when answering please yeah
To beckz... Hugh hefner was about 40 when his wives were born so...


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  • I would say yes, but it's illegal until she 18 so just wait a while

    • Its legal in the uk... Its legal at 16 and legal to marry at 17

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    • Im thinking im thinking lol

    • Thanks for mho!

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  • ... I', 28 years old and I am thinking about dating a 17 year old girl...
    Don't start something, star1313, if you are not sure you can finish it. Make sure you think it over, know what you are getting into, and remember, she is living with her family. Weigh all your options. Sometimes the cake looks good in the show case window, but one bite might well tell you, it ends up putting a sour ball in your mouth in the end.
    She may be ''Very mature,' however, a girl this age hasn't even begun sampling other mates and may end up being a cheat sheet, missing the kissing what she never shared with another on her wish dish... along with other important factors of still being wet behind the ears in years.
    Good luck. xx

    • She doesn't live with her parents... And aparently im what she goes for she's not a naive young girl she works and studies and knows what she wants in life... way more focused than anyone i knew at 17/18 so...

    • Okay, I see... Being this is what it is, it seems you have done your own homework... life has no guarantees but death and taxes and even with something like this, it is a big chance that could or could not work out. Give it a try, give it your best and I will now give you both my blessings.:)) xxoo

  • It depends... I know a couple of couples (that sounds weird), who have dated when one of the couple was under 18. For both couples, they were devoutly religious and didn't engage in sexual activity as they were proud of their virginity and wanted to wait until they got married. Very nice people, very na├»ve (try getting a call at 1am from a female friend because she doesn't know what to do on her wedding night), but did they do anything whilst dating, knowing that their significant other was under 18? I don't think so, but public perception would suggest that in this day and age that if they are dating, it's likely they are sexually active and so one of them is committing a crime.
    It's not surprising that she seems more mature, as women do mature earlier than what guys do (it's a fact, get over it)... the question is, whilst you seem keen, you haven't asked her as yet, but asked for a public opinion on here - which would indicate that you care what the public perception would be about you dating a 17-year old. Can you handle that? Would she be able to handle that, and would you want her to endure the public scrutiny of whether she may or may not be sexually active with a guy 11-years her senior? Also, personalities don't have to match for a couple to thrive and flourish in their relationship... some of the most loving couples I know have their yin and yang and that's what makes it successful.

    • Im just doing this to gather a gemrral opinion tbh... We talk everyday and have met for coffee just getting to know each other... we get along really well clicked instantly she's mature because she's been through a lot in her life and says boys her age are too immature... But as i say its all legal here in the uk nothing shady or weird just two people that compliment eachother and there's definetly a spark there

    • Fair enough... hope it all works out well.

  • You was 11... when she was born think about that

    • Well hugh heffner was about 40 when his wives were born so...

  • Don't do it dude. Jailbait! Fuck that shit. Its enough to deter anyone in their right frame of mind!

  • Wait until she is 18. If she's as wonderful as you say, she is worth waiting a few months for.

  • She's not even legal.. you're dating a teenager. Wait till she gets out of the teen years and hits her twenties. Dont be a perv. let her date someone her own age. Dont be selfish lol And if you get her pregnant you're going to look like a child molester.. gross.


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  • Obviously you don't have to wait till she's 18 so go for it.

    Based on female opinions you're expected to wait for her to turn 18, which is bullshit (it's legal in the UK). In the meantime another dude could get her and you wouldn't forgive yourself for years. On the other hand, if you try it with her you will get the best idea if you belong together, cause age difference can truly be a great obstacle.

    Good luck :)

  • Love knows no age and knows no color somebody told me that years ago and it should speak to everyone.
    So yes go for it.

  • hey if you really like you and she's everything you want go for it!
    why ask when she is everything you want in a woman?

    • Age gap dude nearly 12 years...

    • well i am going on a date with a 35 year old woman on Thursday...
      so thats 16 years

      my father was 58 when he dated my mom at 33 years old that 25 years...

      if there is a connection go for it

    • wow yeah i might just do that

  • I don't see a problem since it's legal. Try asking her out. It should be fine if she doesn't have a problem with the age difference.

    • Oh no she doesn't she approached me on the train must have taken some courage todo that so she's bold...

    • If she's okay with it then ask her out. Since the laws are different she's the only person who's permission you need.

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