How to communicate with my boyfriend when you don't talk much?

I'm really quiet. I went through highschool without a lot of friends. And growing up I didn't talk much. I was left alone with my dad and he was really mean to me growing up and yelling at me, so u just started talking less.
I always felt lonely but I never really knew how to communicate more. But I managed to get a boyfriend. He's made me out of my shell more and has made me more social. but I'm still really quiet
He expresses a lot of what he feels. He's really outgoing. When it comes to affection he easily says he loves me, or he'll give me compliments. He says what one his mind and speaks for me when I can't get my words out.
But when I try to give him compliments or tell him I love him. I always feel like I sound stupid or forced. And sometimes I think he thinks I'm just saying things. Or thins only come out in a whisper, so I build up all this courage and it just falls flat and sounds weak.
I have things to say to him, I just don't know how to say it.

Just today we were talking and he said he wished I could be more verbal about how I feel because some times he feels like he's left out.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Just knowing that you've found a guy that can help you with pretty much anything and be there for you should make you more confident on its own. Just be happy and rejoice that you've found an awesome guy. Don't worry about failing since he's got you.

    • I'm always afraid that because I can't say what I mean. He'll think I'm not interested and leave.
      But he has made me more confident, my confidence was even lower beefier I met him

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  • Don't worry about sounding stupid. Anything you say to your boyfriend you should show confidence and let him know you really mean it. he will appreciate it either way I would hope but just be confident and it will really make you seem more open even if you don't feel like your open

    • I'm more confident that I was, but it was so low before that I feel like I'm way behind. When he does here me say things, he does seem happy though