Rando girls. Should I just stop?

Hey everyone,

So I like to go out on the weekends whenever I can. And when I go out, I usually get numbers from several girls. However, without fail after about a week of lackluster conversation, I usually just erase their numbers. It just never goes anywhere. I'll text or call (a couple days later) and try to spark a conversation, but they never really seem interested. And some of the girls, I had actually really hit it off with. I don't understand why they would give me the right number and not communicate. It is something I'm doing, or it is just unrealistic to believe anything will happen with the random girls I met when I go out? Shit is getting old. ha


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  • I'm guessing by "going out" you mean the bars. If you want quality girls and a quality relationship you're rarely going to find it at a bar. I recommend going somewhere else.

    • That's true. Where would you suggest going? Just curious.

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    • All good suggestions. I always thought girls thought of it as creepy to be hit on at the grocery store or the gym, etc. Guess I just haven't met a you yet. lol

    • Lol yes, a warning I am very laid back. Not bragging, I'm just saying I tend to be more laid back then most women. So maybe just look for signs that a girl might be laid back if your in the grocery store or gym. Or you never know, she might even approach you.

  • Maybe she found someone way more intrested.
    don't know, Maybe you'll find one.


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