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A little over a year ago, I started crushing on a guy after he hugged me when I was crying over something I'm not going to get into (first hug from an unrelated guy). I liked him for about four more months, but then when I told a couple of mutual friends about my feelings for him, they warned me "he'll corrupt you" "don't go there". And I trust them with my life, so I worked on getting over him during the summer, and I thought I was over him, but then when summer ended I saw him again, and fell for him again. I worked on getting over him AGAIN, and it worked for a few weeks, but then he posted on Facebook that he and so-and-so were now "finally dating". I was CRUSHED. So I decided that I had to tell him how I feel in order to get officially rejected and finally be able to get over him. So I wrote a note saying how I felt, why I like him, why I felt I had to tell him (it wasn't the way I put it here) and to contact me IF HE FEELS HE NEEDS TO. I told him that expecting that he'll talk to me and say something like "I'm flattered, but it won't work, cuz now I'm with [ name ] and, I'm sorry, but I never felt the same way" but he never contacted me. But then I didn't see him for another few months, and the next time I did see him, I found him even more attractive than before... He was more gentleman-ly (more than before) and more responsible. So now I'm crushing on him again, but he never contacted me. So I talked to one of those mutual friends, and he/she said that he really should have. After voting please "opinion" with your reasoning.

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I talked to him, and it turns out... He hasn't finished reading the note! He hasn't been avoiding me! :)


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  • Keep trying to get over him. If he wanted to be serious and honest I think he'd have answered to your message.

  • You seriously need to get a grip here.

    Also you wrote him a note? on paper?
    How the hell was he 'more responsible' lol.

    • His girlfriend had been a good influence on him. That's what i meant.

    • * has been

    • Alright I guess lol, but the note shit is weird to do, if you texted him he would be more likely to respond, he had a girlfriend and you set him in a really awkward trap by asking that. Either way get over him.

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