How to stop thinking about another guy when you're with a guy?

I've loved this other guy for like 3 years now. He just always comes to my mind I don't know why... I'll just keep seeing his face when with other guys no matter how hard I try to move on it's so frustrating I can't get over him.


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  • See what he looks like today. You're probably holding him up on a pedestal in your head so you'll probably be a little disappointed when you see him.

    • I haven't seen him in a year but he looked good last time I saw him lol :( fuckk

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    • He lives in the city that i do so i guess it's possible i just want to move on though not contact him

    • I'm a little confused then. Why do you not want him in your life if you're really attracted to him? But if you do want him out of mind. Then I guess you should cut all contact. You probably should just take some time for yourself (even if you have already). And just focus on your life until you don't think about him before you go to other guys. It wouldn't be fair to new guys if you keep thinking about some other dude when you're with them.

  • Do you still communicate with him? It seems you are caught in a "could have been" thing with this guy.

    • Nope haven't talked in 3 years and haven't seen him in a year.

    • You should try get in contact with him if possible and see what's up. You might have a good conversation, give you some hope or have a huge low that will help you get over it. You will lose nothing if you actually try to do something, and maybe get rid of the "What if..."

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