Should I text him?

I met this guy a wek and a half ago and I liked him he came to visit me and we didn't do much except kissing. So last night he came over again and I was horn. He's super sexy and he touched all the right places. Then gave in and let him take my clothes off. He'sknows what he's doing and turns me on so much. And as we turned so I can get on top of him, I saw the red blood stain on the sheets. I was so embarrassed and immediately stopped and apologised. I cleaned myself and changed my sheets and then we just cuddled and he kissed me throughout the night While we were sleeping. I feel like I'm walking on air this morning. But I don't know if I should text him first and say thnks and stuff or must I just wait? I'm scared to fall off this love cloud


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  • You could tell him you had a good time, don't worry about who texts first


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