How can I get a guy to notice me?

Okay the first time we met, I gave him my number. A couple days later, he texted me and we talked, but he just would always reply with "okay" "that's cool" "alright"
So I felt like he didn't have interest in me so I stopped talking to him.
But everytime I text him, he replies super fast. But it's always those one word replies.
In real life, he isn't much a talker, he's very quiet and serious.
We only see each other during FFA or something and he never tells me hi.
The other day, while I was washing my cow, I saw him staring at me. We would just stare awkwardly at each other. He promised to hang out with me but he never did.
What should I do?


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  • In my opinion, I believe he is interested but is shy to approach it and it could be very complicated and nerve recking starting a conversation. Give it some time, it happens. But don't panic nor over think it, he just isn't comfortable with starting a conversation and etc.


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  • Try to find common ground, something both of you and him will like to talk about, that'll get him talking. Don't read into his one word texts, just try talking to him and befriend him. If you guys are closer you can invite out to places, but make sure both of you guys like it and just be natural

  • "the other day, while i was washing my cow"

    bahahah that's hilarious xD anyway i think he is trying to play it safe but he likes you.


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