Would this get annoying?

I have a girlfriend who has asthma :/
But of course that doesn't stop us from getting very much into it when we are making out
But still there was a few times when it proved too much for her and she needed to use her inhaler
So from now on when we're making out I stop about ever couple of minutes to ask her if she is still good
Do you think she gets annoyed by this I mean when I ask she says "yea" and we go right back to it there has only been one time now that she has needed a breather but anyway I'm only doing it for her and I think she finds it annoying
What do you girls think if you had asthma and your guy stopped every few minutes to ask you if you were ok would it get annoying?

  • Omg I would hate it
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  • No I'd be fine as long as we're going at it right afterwards
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  • I don't know why but I'd like it (I'll tell you why in the answers)
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  • Relationships are based of communication and consent. That's an excellent thing to do wether she has asthma or not!


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  • It's sweet that you care, but I'm sure she'll let you know if she isn't okay :)

  • I'd like it because it means you care for her. (:


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