I've been texting with this guys I've known for 6 months. He will randomly stop replying during a text conversation but will snapchat me. Help?

I've known Joey for a few weeks now. We've gone out a few times but lately I haven't heard much from him. I said hey what's up and we had a short conversation and he didn't reply back randomly, but he snapchatted me. In person he's really nice and talkative, but through text he sounds totally different. Should I let this one go?


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  • You should ask him something like "so when are you taking me somewhere nice?" If he plays dumb, just ask him if he would like to take you do something sometime with you like see a movie or go for coffee together or whatever. Nothing wrong with a girl asking a guy if he wants to go out and enjoy each others company, doesn't have to be labelled a date, just to enjoy each others company... for now.

    • I asked him the last time, so I don't want to sound desperate or clingy.

    • Ah well if you have asked him things like that before and nothing has materialised then you should leave it alone. He probably isn't interested in you if he didn't take up your offer. Chatting to someone via messages is so easy, people will do it just because it doesn't take anything from them.
      I have this girl that I like, I used to chat with her but every time I would ask her out, she wouldn't reply or she'd change the subject. She obviously isn't interested so I'm not perusing the idea anymore.
      Chat is very meaningless compared to real life interaction. I know its hard to hear but 6 months of chatting doesn't even compare to one night in person. He isn't interested if he didn't take you up on your suggestion of doing something together.

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