Are black women looked down upon in society?

Are they? be honest? no throphy wives... forgotten


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  • This is my take on this whole situation:

    Early Europeans basically colonized the entire world. I won't turn this into a European bashing fest (white guilt). But, since the 1600's Europeans have been cleverly grooming the world to see European features as the best. Even early native mezitos saw the Europeans as god-like figures because of their pale skin and eyes. The "white is right" mentality lived on from their.

    Here is where the blackness starts in. A typical West Africans feature (where most slaves were taken from) rivals that of a typical European. Our kinky hair is NOT long or silky, rather course and "big", we have wide noses against slim pointy ones. Big lips versus pursed ones. Living in a Europeans centered society; we are automatically put at the bottom of the barrel for having these features. Other ethnicities are only given leeway simply because their features aren't as "Bad"(ie non-European) as ours. They don’t have to take as drastic measures to be put up to a European. For some, this constitutes as an unjustified superiority complex. The slave trade of course had a big part to play in this. Blacks were put into unfair stereotypes so people could feel better about being inhumane.

    These stereotypes never really "left" our minds and poisoned the rest of the world while it's at it. "White is right, black is wack" is continually ruining our world. Have you ever noticed in *some* foreign countries, they automatically assume that a white American that comes is rich, while they assume a black one is poor and will probably steal?

    The modern day media is to blame as well. BET gives black people no jjstice, further confirming to some that we know how to do nothing but , shake our rear ends, rap about money and "ho*es", and bleed self hate by burning our scalps with caustic material to get further away from being black. For some, they see this as not even black people want to be black. if I was another minority, I could easily see this as well.


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  • honestly, I feel so. I mean I know some great black women who are good friends and I don't personally look down upon anyone, but unfortunately society as a whole I feel does. I don't know if this is true, this is what I've noticed, but it even seems that in the black community, black women are looked down upon too. Same kinda goes for black men in the black community, although this is just what I've noticed from my community college days (which a fairly good amount of the students are/were black). This is just from an outsiders perspective though. I know I'm just some white guy lol and that I'd never known what its like to be black, but you tend to pick up on some things when around people of other communities often. Thats just my two cents though!

  • Depends how racist the society is. Here in California, very few people care what color you are. Back where I grew up in Michigan, there were some racist assholes about. It all depends.

  • All depends on who you ask
    black women will say yes


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  • Yes. we all are. No black woman can ever get a decent man who thinks highly of her. The curse of heavily melaninated skin simply makes her unworthy. No matter how cute, nice, funny and cool she is- she is simply a scourge among women because of her blackness. brb going to slit my wrists

  • I think yes, to a certain extent. Black women get a bad rep because of how we're portrayed in the media. Always loud. Always ghetto. Always in search of a man or can't keep a man. And people who aren't familiar with real black women assume that that's how we all act.

  • My mom was a trophy wife for my white dad, who is twenty-five years older. My dad told me that he thought she looked like beyonce and had to marry her.

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