Long distance trouble, SHE DUMPED ME? help me?

So I've been exclusive and practically bf and gf with this girl for about 3 1/2 months. She has a temporary job until early May which is the reason we are long distance currently. Last night she ended things with me bc I've been being jealous and passive aggressive. She says were different and that she has no intention of being with other people but I have trust issues. We never cheated on Eachother and we really wanted to be with Eachother. She never did anything wrong I just get jealous sometimes, but can you blame me when I NEVER get to see the girl that's supposed to be the only one I'm with? But this is stressing both of us. It sucks because I love her.. Should I just give up and move on? Do you think she will try and fix things between us if I stop all communication? Do you think she will try and talk to me, is she really finished with me? She says everything happens for a reason and it could work later down the road but that's bullshit. If we end things I'm going to want attention from another girl and if I get involved wih another how could things work down the road? This sucks please help me out :(((

  • Give her some days to think about her decision to break up with me
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  • Just move on, ignore her if she contacts, she already made up her mind to end things why not give her what she wants
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  • Don't contact her ever again delete her on Instagram and block all communication
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  • give her some time to think if she contacts you then talk to her and explain her that you don't mean to be controlling but the long distance thing makes it difficult for you to not be controlling, tell her you love her and you dont want to end the relationship then give her some space to think finally whatever she chooses to do respect it


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  • you don't need to be worried or jealous if she loves you she won't cheat on you or break that trust you need to show her you can be trusting and not overbearing show her how much you love her don't give up


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  • Wait some tym without communication, if she try to fix these things, get back with her nd if she don't then you deserve a better one,
    wait a week or 2, no more

  • that's what happened to me too, it's bad, but I recommend you to move on, just don't contact her any more, don't chase her... if she still likes you she'll contact you. Otherwise you just need to move on.

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