So I went on a date with a guy I met online. Should I text him?

So I went on a date with a guy I met online. It went really well and he was a gentleman. But no text or call back in last 5 days.

Now here's the thing, before we even planned the date my phone went on a meltdown and I tried to switch my service provider. I got a new number that was supposed to be temporary and I gave the number to him. I had told him what happened with my phone and that I would be switching back to old number soon. He hadn't talked for a few days and he texted me and my new number asking "hey are you still using this number?" Obviously that meant he remembered what I told him. Now, the dilemma is that up until the date I had the new number which he was texting me with. But a day after the date I got my old number back and while he knows both my numbers and knew I was going to switch back, I'm not sure if it slipped his mind and texted the other number now.

I want to text him and tell him hey I'm back to my old number now but it will be foolish if he hasn't even tried to reach me and I message him that. I would love some advice on what you think I should do. Thank you :)

So he replies to my text FOUR DAYS LATE saying "oh ok, I messaged your other number few times" which I think is a lie. What do you think?


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  • If I'm understanding correctly, he texted you asking if you were still using that number. Which means he did text you. In that case, I would text him back. Very well may have slipped his mind (this number thing is really confusing.) He initiated, so respond. Maybe he's waiting for you to text him back since he already did.

    • You could always pretend to be a google robot message or something telling him that a person he contacted changed numbers... those messages always use aliases anyways. Not sure if that would work though...

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    • But never did he stay that close and Just turn at look at me. I don't know if I'm being paranoid about this. I know guys do such things when they like a girl but I can't decide if he's just friendly that way. We talked a lot & didn't have any problems doing so but there were few seconds where we didn't say anything and awkwardly sipped our drinks. When he walked me to the bus station. I told him not wait since he had a flight early morning. He said okay & requested that I text him when I reached home. It was cold & I was rubbing my hands together for warmth. He told me he had a great time & wants to see me again. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to hug him or kiss him? I couldn't tell if he was shy or wasn't into me and just being nice. So I looked up at him for clues & pokerface. I pecked him on the lips either way & then hugged him. He said he'll talk to me soon. My bus broke down midway & I texted him so. It took me 3 hrs to get home that night & he texted me throughout the night.

    • He sounds interested. I'd wait for him to respond and take it from there

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  • i guess a text to announce him you've got your old number back isn't foolish basically

    so i'd say it'd be ok if you send such a text

  • Jesus Christ why do women make shit so complicated? He text you, just text him back, he isn't going to give a toss which number you use to text him.

    This website really is an insight into how fecking strange girls are.

    • Lol okay. That's all I wanted to know, am I being paranoid. Thanks

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  • Just text him girl he obviously want to stay in touch with you. I dont think its foolish for a girl to text a guy first. Just text him hey my number is back or something like that.

    • He messages me 4 days after I texted him. You don't find that odd?

    • He was probably busy you can't expect someone to text you seconds after you text them. But I guess you can ask him about it if he doesn't mind telling because you clearly deserve an explanation.

  • I think you should text him... Anyway :)