What scares white guys about black females?

I have been hanging out with this white guy, I really like I think he's cute, funny etc., but suddenly he stop coming over and he messaged me saying " He's Scared" ? But he told me that he likes me a lot and still like me. My question is why is he scared? What makes him scared? And he is scared of me? if he likes me why won't he act like it? Because I really like him. I don't understand and in am confused


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  • Nothing at all.

    A woman is scary sometimes, but never her skin color.

    You want to ask him what specifically he's scared of. A lot of the time it's not you at all. Guys get scared of their feelings sometimes if their head says stay free and their heart (or their penis) says full speed ahead.

    If he's scared of melanin, he's a shallow pussy and he's not worth wasting your time with.

    That said, if you hang out with a bunch of gangbusters or thugged out types, he might be scared of that. If his or your relatives don't like race mixing, and said something (been known to happen in all races) that could do it too.

    There are just too many possibilities for guessing. Ask him.

    • We'll my family isn't racists , we'll mix like the rainbow from Mexican , to Cuban and etc.. And my family adores him , but I don't hang with any gangbusters or thuggs I'm not even attracted to them , and where I stay there not around, but I will ask him

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  • Not scared, just not attracted.

    • So you can like someone and not be attracted to them?

    • Yeah, you like your friends and aren't attracted to them. Some people just have shit social skills.

  • I like black girls. And I'm not scared of them lol 😋

  • I can't answer that. I have always found black women to be beautiful. They along with Latinas are very sexy

  • May be their black smelly pussy?

    • Don't really matter the race cause not all women are clean some are nasty , but I don't have a problem with that , he never complained when we were intimate

    • If u have had sex, then u r used, he is now taking less interest... Sorry to say this..

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