Would you go out on a date with someone or have a relationship with someone who was a keyboard warrior?

So a lot of us might not admit it, but we have had our fair share of talking big on the internet or saying stuff about our selves that might not always be 100% true. I was just wondering though if you would date someone if you found out that they were keyboard warriors on some YouTube comments, Q&A sites, internet blogs, etc.


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  • Um I would actually like no wait I wouldn't but I have in the past so I'm not gonna say I complwtely wouldn't. I think people who lie online are prone to still lie in rl, even if they think they have it under control and lying worries me

    • Would if its just trolling?

    • Then YA. If it's trolling I would. I think trolls are HILLARIOus on the computer but is your a dick in rl like that bye.

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  • Would you date someone who spends a lot of their time on Q&A websites like Stack Overflow... or... Girls Ask Guys?

    Man, I would be a total hypocrite if I didn't. I see nothing wrong with it as long as you are not an oppressed feminazi from Tumblr, for obvious reasons.


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  • Do yourself a favor and keep that shit to yourself. No one likes someone who talks the talk but can't walk the walk.

    Moving forward you should learn to be a little more humble.