UGH!! I really like this girl, what should I do?

So I met this girl online in August of 2014 on a site called meetme. We just small talked for awhile and then she stopped coming on so we stopped talking. About a month or two she came back on and I was happy because she is pretty and we got along very well. Anyway we have grown closer together as far as being friends we talk almost everyday or when we are free because we are friends on Facebook now, We both deleted our meetme accounts now. She has told me in the past she doesn't want anything. Part of it being she still is in love with her ex and partly because she doesn't know she wants. The other thing is she lives 2,000 miles away from me in a different state.
So we talked pretty much all day yesterday from once we got up to when we went to bed. Like I said I really like this girl. We have fun, we laugh, we tease each other its all fun and she is the type of girl I am attracted to. Yesterday I said to her I really hate this distance between us. She asked what I meant and I said its obvious I like her and I want to spend time with her. I said I think that would be fun and she agreed but she also said she is not looking for anything. I don't know why I like her so much and the fact that she is 2,000 miles away doesn't deter me. What should I do? Should I see if eventually she would like me to come visit and go from there or just move on?

FYI I am talking to other women as well this one just I don't know has something on me


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  • you said she doesn't know what she wants - maybe, that is your assumption, but she knows she doesn't want you and she made it clear. Not wanting to burst your bubble, but that't how it seems to me.
    You are so attracted to her cause you don't have anyone else and you most connect with her. I would let her go...

    • I don't think that's it because of things that I am not going to share but I agree with most of what your saying. I know what I have to do I just need other people to say it lol

    • I know I don't know all the details but I would suggest that her words: 'not looking for anything'
      you take very seriously

    • She said she doesn't want any and I also asked her what women want and I shouldn't be asking her because she doesn't even know what she wants in general. Moral of the story she is still stuck on her ex and he's moved on and engaged and she wants him back.

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  • Just move on.

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