How do I be as hot and have as large as a dating pool as a tall guy?

I'm 5'7, and I want to have the same impression on a woman as a hot tall guy about 6'0-6'4. I'd like to have the same dating pool as them with the same quality of attractive women. I want to have the same first impression on women as tall men do and have women lust and ogle me like they do hot tall guys. I won't be satisfied in life with anything less. So, what can I do? Here is what I have so far:
-A hot face (scientifically confirmed proportion wise, just have to lose fat from my face).
-Broad shoulders
-Small waist (30 more pounds to lose to reach 8% bodyfat at 170 lbs).
-A very deep voice
-Nice hair (might try to get a new style)
-Dark skin (half-Mexican)
-Facial hair (I'll probably trim it some)
-Strong core and six pack (will get there when I lose more bodyfat).

What else can I do to reach my goal of having the same physical and sexual attractiveness as a hot tall guy at my height? What can you think of?


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  • Now why would you want a large dating pool to begin with? Planning for a harem? A ranch?

    • Lol dating pool just means just number of women who would date you--not like a harem

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    • That's the thing; human sexuality is somewhat akin to giving a child a gift. It's not the gift, it's what it's wrapped in, and it's not the toy that they notice the most but the box.

    • Lol nice comparison