Is it because he's shy and inexperience? I dont know where this relationship is going?

After 6 months and me directly asking him how he felt about me, my shy guy asked me out 2ish weeks ago. We're both inexperienced and are a bit awkward. So, we've hung out about once a week... and before that i'd see him every Monday for intramurals.

We don't text or talk that much unless it's to confirm our plans. We went to the movies, and he held my hand the entire time. The second "date", we had a double date with my friend and her bf. Then he came over after, and we made out for a while and he held my hand when i was walking him downstairs and he kissed me goodbye.

I just feel confused as to where this is going since we dont talk that much (he's a bad texter and admitted it) and we're both busy with school. He said he'd text me sometime this week to hang out again, but im just unsure. I'm worried this will just fizz out or he's just in it to make out with someone. Am i just expecting too much too soon? His friends don't really know about us either but then again it's been like 2.5 weeks.


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  • I have conflicting thoughts about this:
    1. He's just playing along until he gets into your pants
    2. his friends not knowing about you could be a potential red flag if he keeps you guys a secret, he might already have a girlfriend and want something on the side.
    3. He's just really busy, with school, work, etc. whatever he's up to its keeping him occupied for most of his time.
    4. He's taking it slowly, he wants to know more about you and see how he feels before he tries to make it into anything serious, he might also be very nervous when talking to you, or just afraid he might become awkward or run out of things to say.

    I can't say any of these things for sure though. Whether he has good intentions or not, just be cautious about trying to get serious with him for now. Its ok to try to talk to him a couple times a week but give him his space for now. Don't let yourself become too attached yet, you may have to break it off. I know it's not much help, but that really is a confusing situation

    • Thanks for clarifying that it's also a bit weird. My friends have bee saying i'm just over thinking things and it's because we're new at dating... im going to message you if that's alright.

    • You're welcome. and go ahead

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