Is my ex a shitty person?

Recently my ex left me over distance and I found out about two months later he iswith someone else well my friends told me he was. my ex lied and told me he wanted to be by himself for a year or two but I guess obviously not. my ex also told me that just because he slept with me during the relationship didn't mean he was gonna marry me. hearing that hurt because I felt used and dumped to the side he also told me that he didn't want to be with me romantically I asked him why in the world did he get in a relationship with me and respond it could have lasted it was just bad timing. I wanted my things back from him he never returned then each time I offered to give him the address he would say that he will mail my things but wouldn't so I asked him one last time about my things and told him that I would send the money for shipment he snapped at me asking me why am I still messaging him and to leave him alllllonnnneee and that what we had is over and that he is overseas and over this and has moved on. He then asked for the same addresses that i had already given him to mail my things again. By this time I got fed up and told him I didn't want my things anymore and that as far as I'm concerned he was never my ex and we never were together in my eyes. I told him goodbye and never respond again he blocked me after that. my friends think that he is a shitty person do you agree or disagree and what is a shitty person?


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  • He sounds like a shitty person to me.