Should I message her?

A couple years ago I was told that this girl has a huge crush on me, even though she never attempted to speak to me, never looked at me, or even messaged me when I added her fb. My friend told me she was all happy that I added her ( she mentioned it to him).

Nothing happened because she never tried to make any contact with me. But recently I actually met her randomly at a friends house. I caught her staring at me a few times and she stayed to talk to me when everyone went outside for a bit and mentioned something about how I'm a standup guy and everyone likes me lol.

She also touched me when showing me how to play a game, it was completely unnecessary. Also my friend asked me what I thought of her because she still has a crush on me (when we weren't around her)

I just don't get why she wouldn't message me to talk about it, I'm pretty sure she knows I know she had a crush on me back then. Girls, what is your thinking like in this situation?


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  • Well does she have ur info (email phone number etc) maybe she thinks it might be obvious.

  • she's probably shy. ask her out.


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