A boy asked me out, I don't think I'm ready for him?

I guy has recently asked me out, I'm still a little childish, I want to go out with him but I don't want anyone to know.
Should I say yes or no?

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  • Well... question is do u like him? If he isn't ur type or ur uncomfortable, u can say no. I would suggest that u could b a little straightforward


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  • ''a boy asked me out, i dont think im ready for him?'' well having a feeling this already before hand a date is a damn bad sign actually. maybee you should just tell him no thanks and move on? ''i want to go out with him but i dont want anyone to know'' what the actual fuck? does peoples opnion about who you are dating and whom you might be dating fucking matter? No. your right. your to childish to even be out on the dating market if thats how you think everytime someone asks you out.

    • Alright Jesus! Calm down XD

    • No. As a matter of a fact, fuck you. Fuck you for Bwing so scared of what people are thinking of you that you seriously are contemplating not being with someone you like and you know likes you back. Are what people might be thinking about you more important too you then finding that special someone? Look at yourself... So pathehic...

  • dont do anything you are not ready for

    • Thanks but it's only a boy, I'm being a little childish not wanting anyone to know right?

    • well you could say yes and see what happens dont push it

    • Yeah okay, thanks!