If you see your ex dropping off some stuff and they are pissed, are they not over you?

All this time on my hands dude just over analyzing everything about the breakup. She called me back that next day hysterically crying aaking for. me back. I told her she made a decision stick with it. I saw her a month later.. had to drop off some stuff. She seemed pissed off and on the verge of crying. She blew up at me brought up every mistake I made in the relationship saying all her friends hate me and I'm a dick. Then explaining how she just can't take it. Said she felt like she was being used. She asked me what I want I said you. She said it's too late. She said she can't get over my unless she cuts contact with my completey. I kind of just took everything because in a sense it was all true I was a dick with some things and I got emotional at the end just telling her to believe me when I do say I love her but she said she couldnt. I wrote her a long ass letter explaining to her my situation and why I was the way I was. She wrote back But still ending it.

I never instigated this conversation and didn't plan to bring it up she just looked very pissed and irritated. Looked like she wanted to cry at the same time. I came In neutral.

Her parents wouldn't let us be together.. it was hard on both of us. I think she just pussied out to be honest she's young. Sounds like she still cares?


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  • She asked for you back, you regected her, then you say you want her back. You are both stupidely immature and you need to grow up instead of play games. If you wanted her then you should have said so when she gave you the opportunity to resolve whatever issue caused the breakup.

    • I didn't reject her I was merely sugguesting her to get mind right because she wasn't making any sense and was hysterically crying.

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    • I understand it, but I'm letting you know from a female's perspective, that we don't care if you think we have the "right" reason for wanting to try again, but you had a chance and you skipped on it. Emotions aren't rational, they are emotional and bottom line, if you wanted her back, you should have jumped at the opportunity. Are you happy with the situation? Are you happy to not have her, because you thought she wasn't in her right mind so you rejected her? Females do not approach emotional situations with a rational perspective, you should understand that.

    • Well I'm not certainly happy and I doubt she is but I think what happened was for the best of us. at least for now.

  • Hahaha sad but something similar happened to my friend and the thing is she probably does but she is afraid to trust you with her heart again and thinks all you can do is hurt her more


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