Never had a boyfriend. Could this be a sign my crush likes me?

I like this guy a lot (I'm 18 and he is 20), I've liked him for about a year and a half now. He's really sweet. When we first met he liked my best friend at the time. She kinda used him though. She used him to get a job at his grandparent's business and also went to prom with him (she had a boyfriend and used him as a cover up by going to prom because her parents didn't like her boyfriend. He asked her to every dance in high school and she always said no until she needed someone to take her boyfriend's place at prom)
So at first we were just friends, and then I started to get feelings for him so about a month or two into our friendship I told him I liked him. He liked her though so he basically blew it off and just continued to be friends with me.
Lately we have gotten really close. And we are going to see enter shikari together in another state next month, and we are going to see rush together in June. (Music is the biggest reason we became friends but we also talk about other things too.) He will stay up till midnight or 1am just to talk to me. And he has been really nice too (I'm not sure if he is flirting or being nice since no one has ever flirted with me before lol). I've started to trust him a lot more so he knows some personal things too, which he is very nice about and he tries to be understanding. Today when we were texting he said we should go to lunch sometime over spring break, could this be some kind of sign? I should add that last time he asked me to lunch was about a year ago, he was so shy that he didn't talk at all and it wasn't a date because I paid for myself. So from the tiny amount of stuff I've told you, do you think that maybe his feelings towards me have changed or does he still just want to be friends? I'm so confused.


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  • Go to the lunch!!!

    Only then you can tell if it's: 1. A date and he is interested or 2. two friends hanging out

    • But how will I know? Lol he has never had a girlfriend so both of us are extremely awkward. I'm about 99% positive that if it is a date he isn't really going to try to make a move what are some things I should watch for?

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    • I know how a guy thinks.

      If you say that, even if he didn't think so at first, he will think:
      "Hmm, yeah this does feel like a date. yeah this is cool"

      A guy thinks differently than a girl in this situation.

    • Lol okay :b should I wait to see if he pays for me before I see if its some kind of date? Last time we went to lunch he didn't pay so I kinda just assumed that it wasn't a date

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  • Go to the lunch see how he acts and if you feel something and confess again it's most likely he won't stop being your friend. Good luck


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