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when one of your best buds likes a girl and tells her, but you like her too and you haven't told her? what if she doesn't like your friend, she likes you? is there a kind of code that you can't ever date a girl your friend is obsessed with?


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  • That would really depend on how close of a friend he was and how much I liked her. I would of course ask/tell him first out of respect.

    If he is an old friend of many years, unless he gives me the go ahead, he trumps the "possibility" of love. I wouldn't pursue it any further. Although if I've kept them around for many years, it's for a reason, and he wouldn't deny me the right to date anyone I choose (ex's excluded).

    If he is one of the few good friends I have, he was not okay with me dating her, then tough. He doesn't own her and has no right to tell me I cannot date her (ex's excluded).

    If he was one of the many friends I have, who hold no special relationship with me, and said no, though. I'm doing to date her (ex's included).

    MY opinion, not yours.



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  • Lets say one of my best friends is into a girl that's also into me, and the girl likes me to.. I would never let a girl come between my friendship.. because friendship is more important than any girl.. so if it comes to the point where I have to choose, I wouldn't care about the girl. This also greatly depends on how good of friends I am with the guy relative to how much I like the girl.

  • don't lead the guy on you don't like and go for the one you like. if he thinks your worth it then he won't mind losing his best bud or having a conflict guys get over it.


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