Men what makes you feel guilty when dumping a girl?

What makes men feel sometimes guilty dumping a girl and not guilty another time. Is it because you really liked her? What are the factors?


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  • Depends on the reason for breakup.

    If it's for the following reasons, no guilt at all:
    -Over-reaction to the smallest statements (aka trying to control things and people they have no control over)
    -Demanding 100% of your time and getting mad at you for spending extra time (beyond normal hours) at work or with people you knew before you met her (I understand ex-GF's, but family/friends are different)

    Some Guilt for the following reasons:

    -Incompatibility, but no ill feelings
    -You or other person moving away (aka long-distance relationship)
    -Seeing person as friend only (aka no romantic feelings) when she has feelings for you

    • I was just dumped because I was asked if I had ever been with a woman. I spoke the truth thinking it was the right thing to do and told him it was my best friend. He said he could not live with knowing this and felt I might cheat on him with her in the future. Why was he expressing so much guilt? Is it because he knows it's a bs excuse or because he really liked me. I'm really hurt and confused.

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  • Fault has a lot to do with it. Especially if the guy feels he's been wronged in the breakup, (she cheated, beat him up, etc.) He will not feel guilty.

  • My penis might be sad to miss out on sex that night

  • knowing shed ben hurting for a while.


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