I'm clueless, need some input?

I told him I never felt like this with any other guy, and that I never had orgasms before but with him.
I also told him I want to be in a committed relationship with him because I'm in love with him.

I then told him why don't we take a time to figure out what we want, and his last words were "text me".

I met him 2 years ago, but we became closer this last months.

please guys, make a comment


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  • Have you heard from him since?

    When you told him this, I am assuming it was in person. It is possible when he said text me he wanted to buy time to think. You do sound like you like him and I see nothing wrong in being honest the way you were. It sounds like you do like him.

    Before this conversation, did you have any cues he may feel the same way?

    Tbh, guys can be very nervous, especially over such things as the heart, so I would say you may have to initiate again. Since your first conversation in person was strong, how about a gentler text. First take the pressure off with a simple greeting or how he is, or some joke. Remind him of why he likes you and it may ease him into talking about it.

    Having said that, it might be better face to face. I am not totally sure why he would say text me, unless he was scared, or was in a hurry for something and wanted to know when he could call you.

    I will say though that if a guy likes a girl, there is nothing hotter than her initiating contact - either phone, videocall or text, whatsapp, carrier pigeon, you name it.


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  • when he said "text me" was it implied to text him later or right then? He probably is just thinking over what you said.

  • Well, he's continuing communication; that's a good thing.

    Not sure what you're really asking here, though.


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