Sort of a weird mistaken identity situation with this girl I meet at bar , where should I take this ?

I first noticed her at this bar I go to cause she looked very similar to another girl I knew from back home. there both short / thin brunettes and have a very similar appearance and personality but its not the same girl I'm pretty sure of that as girl I know goes to college in city 2 hours away from this bar.
but its gone weird as girl from bar has started to really notice me and I think she likes all the attention I've given her as I've checked her out and looked at her a lot as I tried to figure out who she was exactly. I wonder if the 2 girls could possibly be related? like cousins maybe might explain the similarities. and I'm worried what girl from bar will think if I tell her she looks similar to a girl from back home that I had a thing for? and that's why I was looking at her not cause I had a thing for her but I do still find her attractive and she'd be a fun girl to date.
I'm just not sure where to take this , if I should try and take things further with girl from bar and just not say anything about other girl? or try and find girl I originally had a thing for as obvivously I still like her , any thoughs?


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  • Maybe not say she reminds you of a girl you liked back home, but you could tell her she reminds you of a girl back home, and you might want to tell her you find her beautiful first.

    • I'm just not sure how to go about telling her that she reminds me of someone else , girls want to think you like them not think you like another girl from back home you haven't even seen in months

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    • but then what do I have to talk to her about? it be weird as she's so similar to the other girl I'd think I was with her almost , and what if we were to meet the other girl at some point and she were to see me with a girl almost identical to her?

    • You don't have to just talk about who she reminds you of. Just talk about anything.

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