Not sure if he's keen or not... ?

I had a great first date... we ended up coming back to mine but we didn't sleep together just kissed and cuddled. He asked if I'd like to meet again I said yes... that week I suggested the wknd he asked are you free Saturday... said sure so said i was looking forward to it and he said that too... he said he'd be in touch then. I broke my phone on the Friday so fb him to say just let me on there where to get him tmrw... I message him next day to say I'd be contactable by mobile. He then contacted me at half 2 to say cool text later. I didn't hear from him that night so made plans myself. that night he fb me to say he was so sorry he was unwell... I kind of know he was at a mates gig night before which he did say he may have been going too. He said hopefully he would see me soon. So we texted back and forth and I suggested meeting this week... he said sounds good and maybe organise something for the weekend? it's just the fact he's made no set date plans and said maybe...


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  • He's likely just trying to play it cool and not seem too anxious. Aloof but still available? Not sure.

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