I need help... guys and girls please?

I've been dating this guy for a little over 2months now, we've been friends for 3years now. To make a long story short he and I got into a little argument, well it really wasn't an argument, he was suppose to come see me and didn't, but I got frustrated because he could've communicated and said we weren't going out instead of having me waiting then falling alseep. So a week later he texted but I didn't reply because I was still upset (which could've been petty, I'll admit that) so a couple days later I texted pretty much saying is everything with us good because things been a little distant and different. He NEVER replied to that message. Three whole days go by and I was literally on the verge of snapping and was kinda hurt that he didn't respond to the text. So yesterday he texted me saying " I love you"

What do you think the problem is? How can I fix it or what should I say? I do love him but I'm so confused right now. Is there someone else? Should I let him go? Help me please... seriously!


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  • What the fawk!! Why.. Wait what the.. Huh? What the? Hold on... Wtf, "boy you stood me up, and not reply to my text, I admit we needed a break from each other but that right there is not cool! If you want to make things work you best know how to talk. Yes I am upset, yes you did me wrong, and if you loved me, you wouldn't pulled that stunt!" For hint of a surprise I leave it up to you to forgive him. But he's not being a man. So I'd just rather... I don't know I'm a forgiving person. But it's up to you.


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  • I think he just apologized and made hints right? By sending that I love you text?

    • What you mean by hints?

    • Sorry typo. Ment to say "made things right"?

      What I was trying to say was didn't he make things right by saying he loved you?

    • I guess he was I just hope it was sincere and genuine, not him just saying it just because you know

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  • ... So yesterday he texted me saying "I love you,."
    It doesn't have to be etched in stone here, dear, he is in love with you and you with him. It's time to put everything to bed once and all, get together, kiss and make up, have a long serious soul mate talk And---------Never let him go, he is a keeper.
    He wants you, there is no doubt in my mind. You both started off '3 years' ago as friends and began another beguine of date mates. So you had a 'Little argument,' which is normal, natural in any relationship, and the best way to Not keep this in the dog house, is to allow open lines of convo to flow and not go.
    You have something special, I am not seeing 'Someone else' in the picture. Get a hold of him, tell him you want to sit down and have a pet talk. "Seriously...'he would not have said these three little words if he was still mad or Not... Serious himself.
    Good lucj. xx

    • Your right but it confuses me because the day after out argument he wrote something flirtatious on a females picture, so that's why I was skeptical

    • Oh, okay... could be what I call Retaliation for maybe he thought you would see it and get angry... sit down and talk to him.. open lines of convo in a long lasting friendship that has started out this way, needs to be Seriously addressed, sweetie. xxoo

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