So I have a problem I need help with?

I'm kind of a loner in my life, not to many friends spends most of my free time alone definitely not the type to catch any girls eye that's for sure. So when I do come across a girl to give me the time of day I get really attached really fast and tend to get my hopes up and usually wind up getting crushed because of it. The girls who come into my life are few and far between so I tend to get really excited. How do I break this pattern?

How do I keep from putting myself in this same position?
I need this to end, can't keep doing this to myself.


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  • Be confident , not all people are extroverts and outgoing...
    there's this guy in my class who is a bit of a loner and a nerd but one time I asked him about something and he was so helpful and sweet
    he then kept giving me these looks of attention and i kind of think if he asked me out i wouldn't say no !
    never think a girl is too good for u !! i guess that's the key


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  • You need to keep yourself busy with other things. I know its hard because your so excited, but you have to back a little away so your don't ruin it. Read a book or movies, or do some hobby to keep your mind busy

    • Has this ever happened to you?