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I cancelled a second date with this woman. Our first date went really well and she said she had a great time. We ended up having sex as she invited me over and didn't want the night to end. Anyway I cancelled our second date because I wasn't sure if she was interested or was going to flake on me. She didn't respond to a text I sent her the day before even though it showed she was online on the dating site where i met her. After I cancelled the date early in the morning she replied an hour later and seemed a little disappointed it wasn't happening. She asked if I would like to reschedule if I'd like. I replied back later in the afternoon saying sure. And she was happy about that. We don't really text much and she doesn't bother texting me either. I figured if she was interested in me she would be at least sending me some form of texting seeing how I'm doing or what I've been up too. I like her but I'm just trying to play it cool. I've just been doing my own thing and keeping busy but I was wondering when should I send her a text for our rescheduled date? It's only been since yesterday. Should I text her tomorrow or give her 2-3 more days before I send her one?


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  • Stop playing games.
    Some people don't like to be in each other's pockets early on which is probably why she wasn't talking too much. She probably thinks you've lost all interest and are playing her after you cancelled and were less than enthusiastic about rescheduling.
    Get in touch with her today or tomorrow and arrange something if you're serious about seeing her again or she's going to think you're just trying to mess her around, and find someone else.


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