how important is a guy's social group in keeping a relationship?

It doesn't mean much early on, but it seems if you have a real relationship with a girl social group matters. How much?

I am not really a social person. I don't like drinking at bars or parties.

So how important is social group in general to girls?


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  • Like what do you mean? Her social group or your's?

    I think it's important to have some interests outside of the relationship. It's also important to get along with her friends (if you are in a long-term situation). It definitely helps, because chances are you will be going out with them several times a year if not more often. So having a decent relationship with her friends helps.

    You don't have to be a person who gets wasted and is the life of the party. As long a you are nice to people and can have conversations, then you are going to be fine. I would never expect a boyfriend of mine to entertain my friends. Maybe be able to talk to them a bit, but not having really long conversations.

    Now, if a girl is having a hard time getting along with your friends that can be a problem. It would be a problem if you were constantly fighting with her friends. Any conflict there isn't good.


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  • Keep your friends around, you'll need people to fall back on. And make sure not to ditch them.


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  • If I absolutely hate his friends then, yeah, things might not be so great. But baring that in mind, I don't have to love them either. So long as they're tolerable, and civil, we're good.


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