How nice is too nice... when it comes to relationships and dating?

I feel like it's a cycle when I try to date. Mind you I've never been in a relationship. i meet a guy, we text and call, hang out and before we reach the exclusive then boyfriend/girlfriend stage he pulls back. Stops responding to my calls, texts. So then I have to move on. Is there a such thing as being too nice when it comes to relationships? Is playing hard to get worth it? Do guys prefer "bad b*tches" over "nice, sweet girls"


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  • hmmm see I've always felt the same way but well.. being the nice guy instead of nice girl. what exactly do you talk about with them? I mean for women I feel a nice guy might come off as spineless or weak somehow but me being a guy, I'd love a nice girl lol. or a nice girl with a naughty side more like it :P. I don't know I feel like nice guys like me are at a WAY more disadvantage than a nice girl might be. (I've been a nice guy all my life and have had very little luck with the ladies unfortunately =/ )

    • I talk about them, I always make sure they are doing okay. I make them treats. I text them and call. (maybe I'm too overbearing) I've been nice all my life and I have no luck at first they are into me but I guess after seeing how nice I am they take off.

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    • Im sure you'll be fine. Nice guys always finish. you will Definitely find someone

    • and you'll find a guy who will appreciate you and all you do for him :) I can't tell you why they leave or stop talking unexpectedly but I can say they aren't worth your time. you deserve better!

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