First kiss help?

I maybe be 13 xD but people had already kissed for the first time at this age.
I want to kiss but I don't even get the opportunity to do that.
I don't have any quote on quote only me and her moments.
Suggestions? Consider me a gamer :D


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  • All I want to say is, dont rush it. I haven't even had my first kiss yet, and I am happy with that. I want to make it special. At your age you probably dont know what love is, heck I dont even know it. But hey, if you want to kiss this girl, just go for it. I hear they are pretty much always awkward, but thatis because you are learning. Just do what feels right. Good luck and I hope I helped!

    • Uh, do you know what love is?

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    • O haha I will b 15 next week not month the 27th of march, I am so messed up on my dates right now lol

    • Well to stay with someone for so long I would say it is likely you do love him. I dont know you personally, and I am no expert at this so this isn't an official answer. I think you may have a deeper connaction if you have stayed together for a while.

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