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Okay so I've been seeing the same guy for awhile. We were dating for 3 years and then broke it off. We went our separate way and even hated each other for a couple of months. Finally we started talking again and we've been hanging out and having fun again. Only one thing in the way... He has a new girlfriend. Everyday and Every night we are constantly talking to each other either phone or Facebook. We even started saying "I love you again to each other." now I know its not right but he was my first love and only love. He texted me the other day saying that he wants to end up with me later in life and start a family with me and even be married one day. He said that I am the girl he will always love and there's nothing to change that. Last night I told him he needs to dump her if he is saying all this kind of stuff to me.. Its like he thinks he's cool with me on the side or something. I did make the mistake with sleeping with him, but I missed him so much you have no idea. I will never find anyone that compares to him and I love him with all me heart. How should I react to this.. How should I go about this situation because I don't want to lose him forever this time.


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  • He has a girlfriend and he's treating you like this?

    What about her feelings? Would she be glad to know of this duplicity on his and your part?

    You may well be in her place in the future.

    You and he are lying, in a sense, to his current girlfriend.

    Lying is a show-stopper.

    You both need to get a whole canful of honesty.


    P.S. If you haven't already guessed, I think this situation stinks/sucks.

    You deserve each other.


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  • Sometimes its hard to let go of someone, and you have a lot of feelings. But ACTIONS speak louder than words. If you say you love someone how can you betray... Sometimes people say things they don't mean, just to get your trust. He still has his girlfriend, would he have told her he loves her to? You deserve a lot better, honesty, respect and tru love. You can stand your ground and until he shows you what he says, just be friends. But that can mean you hanging on, and not finding someone better.

  • ok well if he has a girlfriend dont...do nething because if he really cares about you he will break up with the other gurl and go with you immediatly...guys do this thing where they play with ur feelings to make sure you don't like neone else but then when there sure they got you on a string they stop talking to you so they kno you will be disapointed and you won't go with any other guys and it sounds like this is what this guy is doing to you so I suggest don't flirt unless he's single

  • If he loves you sincerely, like you do, you guys should be together. He needs to find out how he feels about his girlfriend though. What if he loves her like he loves you? That's not something you want to get into. Tell him he needs to be honest with her and you and himself. Don't be all lovey dovey anymore with him until he gives himself to you 100%. Good luck.