Am I easy to get with?

I've had a on/off thing with a friend of mine. Recently we haven't talked for a month. But when we met up again I was cautious at first but then got close to him again. We just kissed. We never did anything more than that. He indirectly asked for sexual favors before but I didn't give it to him. We never defined the relationship. Am i easy to get with because i got close to him again?


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  • Does this apply to everyone you meet or just him?

    • Just him. I mean everybody has made out with a stranger at a party before but i'm not someone that hooks up or makes out with a lot of people.

    • Well, not everyone has, but it happens. You being easy would be if you give it up to almost anyone for any reason. Though men do like a challenge and you may want to try playing hard to get sometimes to make things funnier.

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