What does he want from me? What can I do?

We were so close and still are... And then we dated and it was blissful but I was a virgin and about to go back home for good we thought. Then he broke things off with me cause sexless and long distance were two things he said he couldn't handle and he wasn't gonna cheat on me and look me in the eye.

it hurt so bad. But we still remained close we couldn't let go. I still have strong feelings for him and he says he knows he'll never meet anyone with whom it will be so effortless. And he misses me everyday but getting back together isn't as simple as it seems.

my deepest fear is him having a girlfriend while there's still this connection. I just can't handle that.

I have moved closer to wher he is now. Just under two hours away. How do I break the cycle? How does this end?

we've tried the no contact thing but one of us always contacts the other.


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  • Are you waiting until marriage or just not ready yet?

    • Just not ready... Bt I was getting very ready when he pulled the plug but I didn't wanna tell him cause I didn't want him to stay just cause of sex

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    • He could but would you be okay with that sort of relationship?

    • No I wouldn't but you know it puts me to shame that in their eyes he doesn't love me... Which is abit twisted because when a girl finds out that her man is cheating to her its like he doesn't love her.

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