I can never win when it comes to my crush. How do I piss him off as much as he pisses me off?

I've had a crush on this guy for almost a year and i'll say during that period, he had made advances but my dim self at the time was super shy and was brewing with low-self esteem. We've been on 2 dates, see each other at least twice a week (cause I work with him) and message each other frequently. Quite recently, I went over to his' and we cuddled and stuff. He told me he's see'ing another girl but according to our mate, he doesn't see her often or something. We talk and banter during the weekdays and gives me squat all during the weekend (WHAT THE ACTUAL ****). So, I made it pretty clear for a while that I had no more interest in him: ignored his messages, giving him the cold shoulder and he showers me with attention. As soon as I respond to him, he slowly reverts back to the douche he was once again. I find him checking me out and pay attention to minor details (e. g. I trimmed my hair, I'm wearing new tracksuit bottoms) and gets jealous whenever I mention another guy or talk to him. At times, he can be super sweet and caring and will do things that goes out of his way. But I can't help but sometimes feel I'm "the other woman". WHAT DOES HE WANT FROM ME? I sometimes just wanna kiss his left cheek. With my hand. Clenched. Preferably with a brick. Full swing. Yeah.


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  • You already know the answer to your question: ignore him.

    What happens when you ignore him? He jumps right back in, full pelt and has to have your attention. Once he has your attention, he relaxes and goes back to him usual self.

    He is showing you who he really is (you have called him a douche) but your ignoring the warning signs of his push/pull behaviour.

    Don't be cuddling a guy that is seeing another girl even though your friends say he doesn't see her that much. Who cares how much he sees her as the fact is he has told you he is seeing someone. He is sharing his emotions with someone else so you are not top of the tree.

    Take your foot off the gas and hold back from this guy as he is playing games with you.

    • You don't understand how hard I try to ignore him. Even if I do successfully and completely zone him out, he has a way to slither back into my head by either drunk texting, heart- to heart convos, playful banter at work and gives me food... ( a way to my heart is food and he knows it...)
      I know I shouldn't be cuddling with a dude when he's see'ing someone... i honestly forgot he mentioned that but we get along so well, and are incredibly similar to the point where I believe he's cringingly my "soul-mate"... I'm in too deep... help.

    • It's a tough situation but he is playing tug-o-war with your heart and emotions and you are allowing it. I appreciate that you work together but you need a distraction - either in the form of another man or socialising up a ton with your friends. This man has become all of your focus and therefore you are addicted to the situation. If you constantly allow yourself to be dragged back in then this will never break. You asked about how to get back at him - ignore him, get a new job and just rarely respond. Do it on drip feed so that it becomes normal and not effort. I wish you luck in the situ.

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  • XD I dont know love but you're funny haha

  • You never will.


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