Is he uninterested or just playing it cool?

I have been seeing this guy for a couple weeks. The first time we met, we kissed and then he started calling me to hang out. I went to his house to watch a movie and we hooked up. He messaged me a couple days later just to talk and that asked if I was going out that following Thursday. We ended up meeting up and spending the night together. We were together all Friday morning and then he sent me a text on Sunday saying that he went out and thought he'd see me at a place I normally go to. But it's now Wednesday and I'm trying to play it cool but I want to know if he's still interested.

Should I continue playing hard to get and wait until he messages me?


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  • call him (or text him) and ask him out. Then pay attention to his answer, or to what he does or doesn't do when you do go out.


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  • Dreamer's advice is good. There has been enough back and forth here that I think it is fine for you to contact him and suggest the next get together. If he accepts great. If he says he can't make that date but he suggests another day instead, great too. If he doesn't seal the deal on something, then I would say he's not that interested.

    Suggestion, if things do not work out and he is not showing that much interest, keep this in mind the next time you date a guy. If you want to know a guy's real interest in you, do not jump into bed so quickly. Don't even make out or kiss on the first date. A guy who is really enjoying your company will be fine with waiting for the physical side to happen. He will actually be careful not to offend you by trying to push for that too quickly. That is the guy who will want you for the long haul and treat you well later on.

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