Why hasn't he called or texted me?

I met a guy on tinder who was in the area meeting some friends. We met up and grabbed a drink and spent 3 hours talking before he had to drive two hours home. Yes he lives two hours away... But was interested as was I. About 5 days later and continuing to talk he made a trip back down and we spent the whole day together! Had a great time and he drove back home that day. A week later I went to see him and spent the day with him and slept there that night. Things happened and moved quickly. Since then I haven't heard from him as much as I would like. He has asked me to hang out this weekend but have plans already which I have told him. He hates talking on the phone but I told him I would rather get to know him and talk over the phone since texting isn't a great way to get to know someone plus we are both busy. we hung up the phone after about 45 minutes and I have not heard from him since... Today is Tuesday and we talked on Sunday and things seemed promising. But it's been a whole day and I haven't heard from him? Should I send him a cute text saying hi hope you're having a good week or let him contact me?


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  • Probably lost your number, doesn't like you, or is busy