Does this show that he is interested or not?

Me and this guy went on two dates and the first two he was really nice and I really like his personality. The third time I watched movies at his house and we started making out and then he told me that I should go before clothes start coming off. I wasn't planning on us having sex but I've never had a guy try to stop which leaves me alittle confused.


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  • Not. ------


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  • Maybe he is a good guy who is not just looking to have sex with, i think he is looking for something more serious.

    • Hopefully that's what it is! I think I'm starting to really like him.

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  • Did he mention meeting again?

    • He told me to let him know what I'm doing the next day and he kissed me when I was at the door about to leave again.

    • If he shows interest in meeting up again he is interested in you. If he starts creating excuses not no meet then he is not.
      I hope he is interested! :-)