How do I know if he is really ok with me having a son?

I'm seventeen. && I have a two year old little boy. I had him when I was 15. I got pregnant from my first boyfriend, but once he found out that I was pregnant he bounced. && my son has never seen his dad. && I just started dating again. I'm with this guy && he tells me that he is OK with me having a son. but I'm just not sure if he really is. all his friends tell him that he shouldn't be with me because I have to much baggage. && his parents && sisters hate that he is with.


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  • First off, I commend you for managing to raise your son without his father. That is tough to do. I am sorry that he left you after he heard you were pregnant. That isn't right, and it isn't fair to you or your son. Big deal if you have a child and want to date. I don't see that as baggage, I see it as a responsibility. For the child's sake though, I wouldn't expose him to a lot of guys because he will get the wrong impressions. I'd wait until you have a serious boyfriend to expose your son to him. You aren't dating his parents, his sisters or his friends. Don't let anyone stop you from dating him.


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  • If he says he is ok with it, then it no longer matters what his friends or family say. Watch how he acts around you and your son - does he really show he cares about your son? Is he ok when you put your son first, ahead of him? Take it slow, ask him again if you're not sure, and go with your instincts. Good luck!

  • If all his friends and family are against him dating you then that really limits the possibility of you two working out. At the same time you can't blame them, after all you do have ALOT of baggage especially for a 17 year old kid. If you were in your older 20's that would be different, but its not. You should be open minded with him but don't try to push potential parental responsibilities on this guy.


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