Should I forget about him?

Both of us are not social. He was in love with me two years ago, i kinda liked him ( very little) but this liking grew and i think i love him now. I told my girl friend about and she told him. He asked me about the feelings (while chatting) and i told him it was true. He was surprise and said he never tought i'll have feelings for him. But before this happened, i heard he asked a girl out and the girl told me that he said he loves her and all of that but the girl didn't accept him coz i liked him. I feel he told her those things so that she'll say yes. I don't know if he still loves me, but one of his female best friend said he talks about me a lot. But we are really awkward. He pass eachother without saying hi, he hardly talk even if we do, it doesn't last for 2 minutes like i said before, we are not social but we chat very well. I don't really know if we can work out. So should i give up?

Hey guys please...


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  • The fact that he talks to you is a good sign :)
    If you can't talk face to face, why not text him? It's easier and less stressful. Then, try to hang out at school here and there. Then when you guys are comfortable around each other, go out and watch a movie/bowling/eat at a casual restaurant.

    He talked to the other girl so that he forgets about you, but it didn't work out.

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