What should I do and is this weird/creepy so soon?

went out on a date with this girl almost 2 months ago, on Valentine's day I got her a bear and flowers. We are "seeing each other" at this point in time, my plan: The 25th of march is exactly 2 months so I was going to get her a bouquet of flowers and a necklace and put a little note in it asking her to be my girlfriend.

Is that weird/creepy? If you were a girl would you want this?
Should I leave this flowers/necklace in her car/locker or should I give them to her directly?


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  • Personally, I think it's a little much, but that also depends on what her feelings are about the situation. Does she seem to be just as happy/into things as you are? And is she the type of girl who fawns over that kinda thing? If both those answers are yes, then it's a good idea.

    For me, however, I prefer when the "are we a couple" discussion happens casually.. like it just kind of comes up when you're together and it feels right. I'd prefer not to get gifts and a note asking me to commit, because I think that creates pressure/guilt to say yes. It's the same reason I think public proposals are awful. But, of course, some women like that kind of thing.

    Why don't you just send her flowers, no note, just the little card that says who they're from.. and then when you're hanging out and she brings it up, which she will, tell her how you feel and that you'd like to call her girlfriend.


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  • Why don't you just ask her out again and ask her to be your girlfriend at the end of the date.

  • As a guy, I would not make it such a fuzz. If you have something planned, do as planned and when you guys get intimate, like you're hugging or leaning really close to each other, just pop the question in some cute way.
    "I could call you my girlfriend, if you'd like it."
    "Are we "we"?"
    Or something like that. Key is to not to make it the biggest thing in the whole universe.