How to not fall for her so quickly?

I'm talking to this girl and I think I'm starting to feel something here. I have never tried dating (or pre-dating) before so that can be the reason that I'm falling quickly but I genuinely like her as a person, not just her looks. However, I would like my feelings to slow down because I don't want to hurt myself (mentally, not physically duh) if it doesn't work out in the end for any reason.

Any advice? Thanks!

Few more opinions would be really helpful.


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  • You can't stop yourself from feeling the way you do about her, but you can control when and how you choose to share those feelings with her.

    As well, make sure that you are maintaining your social relationships and other activities outside the relationship. If you spend all of your free time with her, she'll become "everything" to you and it will be much harder if it doesn't work out long term. But if you maintain your friendships and have a life outside your relationship with her, then regardless of how strongly you develop feelings for her, you won't be utterly devastated if it ends.

    • I do have friends and a bestfriend. Actually he's the reason that I'm talking to her. I was nervous at first but he pushed me to try. We had a bet that if it doesn't work out, I get to kill him. lol. Let's see, maybe it won't hurt as much as I think it will. Thanks! :)

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    • I think I may have, actually :)

      We're two months in and I'm falling fast.. but trying oh so hard to take things slowly!!

    • haha.. we're in the same situation then..

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  • There is not muhc you can do about your feelings. You could try to cool down and tell yourself "She's just a girl", maybe that helps. But as far as I know, there is not really a way to slow down feelings.-.

    Lol, if there would be one, please tell me! I'd be interested to know (:

    • That doesn't help unfortunately, lol.

  • There is a saying, the heart wants what it wants. If a girl stands out for your, there's nothing you can't do to stop your feelings, unfortunately.

    • It's not that I don't like it. I like how I feel about her, but you know, if she doesn't reciprocate then it can be devastating for me (if my feelings keep gettings stronger). That's what I'm afraid of.

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    • Did it work out in the end?

    • Eh, not, but you know I think we should enjoy our little passions from time to time. It was bitter then, but now it's a nice memory.

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  • Try dating three girls at all times, it is sobering and gives you more objective perspective. Also, don't lose sight of your friends, have other priorities. Don't put her on a pedestal.

    • If option number one is not in the question for you, then emphasize my other options! Having a life outside of her is most crucial in that case.

    • Multiple dates, best advice.

    • I don't know if I can date multiple girls. I'm not that type. Anyways, thanks about the other priorities suggestion. I will try that.

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