I'm in great delima... is it true love or just a crush?

I like a person who is almost ten years older to me... when use to see him my heartbeats suddenly becomes fast... i dont know what to do or say?


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  • No guy age 25 should be interested in a 15 year old girl
    get a education, career, look to date guys closer to your age
    that older guy is well skilled and if he cares about you he will
    keep it no more than friendship but he also needs to find women
    his own age now if you were age 18 that would be little bit different


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  • Don't do anything, a 25 year old should have no business with a 15 year old other than in professional settings, and same goes for a 15 year old with a 25 year old. Keep it a fantasy and focus on school and your education and future. Nothing WRONG with this crush, but just keep it at that, keep your priorities in line.

  • That's not love. Does that person make you want to fight for him in every battle? Do you have the urge to respect and give him time just because he's a human person. Are you willing to give everything you are, expecting nothing in return. Would you die for the whole world to see that everyone in the world is saved from their sins as well as him? That is love.


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  • Its a crush and looking at your age I will just say keep it as a crush cause he's too old for you (and you are way too young to date a 25 year old)